Created: 2014-05-19 11:49
Updated: 2014-05-19 12:19


Project for getdata-002 on Coursera.

Original instructions:

You should create one R script called run_analysis.R that does the following.

  • Merges the training and the test sets to create one data set.
  • Extracts only the measurements on the mean and standard deviation for each measurement.
  • Uses descriptive activity names to name the activities in the data set
  • Appropriately labels the data set with descriptive activity names.
  • Creates a second, independent tidy data set with the average of each variable for each activity and each subject.

Steps in run_analysis.R:

  1. download the UCI HAR Dataset into ./data
  2. expand the compressed dataset
  3. load the label codes key from activity_labels.txt
  4. load the feature key from features.txt
  5. determine the indices of desired features (those containing -mean() or -std())
  6. load the training and test data sets and only retain data columns determined by indices from step #5
  7. merge the training and test data sets
  8. replace label codes in the dataset with text labels determined by step #3
  9. reshape data to use label and subject as identifiers
  10. produce a tidy data set (SD_means.txt) with the average of each variable for each activity/subject combination
  11. produce with a list of column names (which were taken from features.txt)
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