Created: 2014-05-19 11:23
Updated: 2014-06-02 08:55

ViLaTaC (Vim LaTeX Table Creator)

easy table creator for LaTeX, created for vim with the vim-latex plugin.


LaTeX is nice. Creating tables is horrible. The perl-latex-table script does not support all the features that I use frequently, e.g. multicolumns, cmidrules, and so on. With ViLaTaC it is really easy to create tables for print and publishing.


  • minimalistic syntax
  • very flexible
  • multicolumns
  • cmidrules
  • individual column formatting
  • different font styles for table header and body can be defined in script file
  • vim-latex jump marks for captions and labels


  • set fonts in vilatac
  • copy vilatac somewhere to your $PATH, e.g. ~/bin/
  • check, that it is executable (chmod +x ~/bin/vilatac)
  • put key mapping into ~/.vimrc: cmap TAB !vilatac


Learning by doing. Try the examples in sample.tex.

Other editors

I know, there are other editors. You can use LaTaC with them. The only difference is that the jump marks were removed.


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