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Updated: 2018-12-19 14:01
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Smoothie Funds

Smoothie Funds allows you to manage your money with ease.
You can get more complicated, but it's useless!

How To

Start PostgreSQL server (on Archlinux):

sudo systemctl start postgresql

Load fixture in dev environnement:

bin/rails db:drop ; bin/rails db:create ; bin/rails db:migrate ; bin/rails db:fixtures:load FIXTURES=users,accounts,categories,transactions,schedules,pending_users

Restore data from production to dev environnement:

dropdb smoothiefunds_development
bundle exec bin/rails db:create RAILS_ENV=development
bundle exec bin/rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development
pg_restore --no-acl --no-owner --data-only --dbname=smoothiefunds_development db.dump


bundle exec annotate
bundle exec rake erd


What to test:

Controllers Tests:

  • was the web request successful?
  • was the user redirected to the right page?
  • was the user successfully authenticated?
  • was the correct object stored in the response template?
  • was the appropriate message displayed to the user in the view?

Integration Testing :

  • test the interaction among any number of controllers
  • test important work flows within your application

Convention d'indexation :

  1. les colonnes composant la clef
  2. les colonnes composant les clefs étrangères
  3. les colonnes composant les contraintes d'unicité
  4. les colonnes dotées de contraintes de validité
  5. les colonnes fréquemment mises en relation, indépendamment des jointures naturelles
  6. les colonnes les plus sollicitées par les recherches

Words of wisdom:

When you use product_url, you’ll get the full enchilada with protocol and domain name, like That’s the thing to use when you’re doing redirect_to because the HTTP spec requires a fully qualified URL when doing 302 Redirect and friends. You also need the full URL if you’re redirecting from one domain to another, like product_url(domain: "", product: product).

The rest of the time, you can happily use product_path. This will generate only the /products/1 part, and that’s all you need when doing links or pointing forms, like link_to "My lovely product", product_path(product).

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