Created: 2014-05-19 11:18
Updated: 2014-05-19 11:40

Running the script

  • Clone this repository
  • Download the data set and extract. It should result in a UCI HAR Dataset folder that has all the files in the required structure.
  • Change current directory to the UCI HAR Dataset folder.
  • Run Rscript <path to>/run_analysis.R
  • The tidy dataset should get created in the current directory as tidy.txt
  • Code book for the tidy dataset is available here


  • The training and test data are available in folders named train and test respectively.
  • For each of these data sets:
    • Measurements are present in X_<dataset>.txt file
    • Subject information is present in subject_<dataset>.txt file
    • Activity codes are present in y_<dataset>.txt file
  • All activity codes and their labels are in a file named activity_labels.txt.
  • Names of all measurements taken are present in file features.txt ordered and indexed as they appear in the X_<dataset>.txt files.
  • All columns representing means contain ...mean() in them.
  • All columns representing standard deviations contain ...std() in them.
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