Created: 2014-05-19 11:13
Updated: 2014-09-07 12:18
License: gpl-3.0

Battle City

Battle City is a shooter video game. The purpose of the game is to protect your home base from enemy tanks, controlling your own tank. The base is signified by a falcon behind a fortified wall. Enemies(or you) can shoot the wall and make the base vulnerable to attack. All you can do to prevent this is destroy every tank as fast as possible. Some tanks provide you with valuable power-ups when they are destroyed, such as faster shots or shields. You can see a tally of how many of the 20 tanks remain on a stage before you advance to the next. The game ends if the player's base is destroyed or the player loses all available lives.

How to play Battle City

  • You start out at the bottom of the screen next to your base. Enemy tanks will appear from one of three positions at the top of the screen.
  • In each stage, there are 20 tanks in total you must defeat in order to advance to the next stage.
  • You can fire in four directions. Most tanks only require one hit to destroy them. One type of tank requires four hits.
  • If one enemy bullet hits you, you lose one life. If your base is ever hit by a bullet, the game is automatically over.
  • Bullets can destroy walls, whether they are fired by you or the enemy. It takes four shots to break through a standard width wall.
  • Enemy tanks that flash red provide power-ups whenever hit. The power up will appear randomly somewhere on the screen.


Originally the game has a single or multiplayer mode. For now only single player mode will be implemented.

TODO for the next Milestone

  • Plan the architecture of the game
  • Implement basic classes for the game
  • Write Unit Tests for methods
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