Created: 2014-05-19 10:32
Updated: 2014-12-18 11:55

GECOS Active Directory Sync


Ruby version

Importer code works on ruby 2.x


Just run "bundle" inside importer directory, all dependencies will be installed


you should configure the next variables in the top of the file mongo2ldap.rb to get working the importer.

mongo_id_root the ID, in String mode, of the domain in mongo you want import into ldap, its should be something like 54887421e138230df51e66c1

mongo_host The MongoDB host IP/DNS

mongo_db The MongoDB Database

mongo_port The Mongo Port

data_types its must be and array with the data types you want import in ldap/AD, something like ['ou', 'user','computer','group','storage','repository', 'repository']

ldap_host The LDAP/AD host, like ""

ldap_port The LDAP/AD port, by default 389

ldap_auth The LDAP/AD auth, like

ldap_pw The LDAP/AD password

ldap_treebase The base of the tree in ldap to start importing data, like "dc=domain,dc=junta-andalucia dc=es"


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The license text is available at and the attached PDF

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