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Updated: 2018-11-29 02:25
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#Wzip ##What is it? Wzip is a block-sorting compressor, based on Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT), wavelet tree, run-length code . Its compression ratio is very good and close to bzip2 for most files except for audio and video files. Its compression speed is much faster than bzip2 even in single-thread workstate , and while in multi-thread workstate it will be much faster.

How to use it?

###install program

step 1: first get SAu.tgz form http://pizzachili.dcc.uchile.cl/indexes/Suffix_Array/, then decompress it and you will get directory SAu_FILES;

step 2: change directory to: SAu_FILES/ds/ , then make ;

step 3: rename ds_ssort.a to libds_ssort.a ;

step 4: up to now we get the lib libds_ssort.a ,and then copy out this lib to wzip project directroy ;

step 5: change directory to wzip project directory, and then make to get wzip. ###example for use

While compressing a file "book", wzip -c book or wzip -c -b 9 -e 3 -g 1 -p 2 -v 3 book

While decompressing a file "book.wz" wzip -d book.wz

while getting help wzip -L ###references

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###about AUTHOR goldbeef (goldbeef@163.com) ,xidian university , CHINA. NOTE these source codes were written on 32 bit computer with linux OS.

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