Created: 2014-05-19 09:44
Updated: 2017-08-25 15:47
License: mit

This project is no longer maintained. If you would like to take it over, please raise an issue or contact the owners of the NuGet package via the NuGet gallery.


A Bau plugin for running MSBuild files.

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> scriptcs -install Bau.MSBuild -pre



// execute the default version of MSBuild using default arguments and switches
// execute a specific version of MSBuild using custom arguments and switches
bau.MSBuild("build").Do(msb =>
    msb.MSBuildVersion = "net45";
    msb.MSBuildArchitecture = ProcessorArchitecture.X86;
    msb.Solution = solution;
    msb.Targets = new[] { "Clean", "Build", };
    msb.Properties = new { Configuration = "Release" };

Properties and arguments

  • MSBuildVersion string: The version of MSBuild to use. Defaults to vs12. For a version which ships with Visual Studio 2013 or later, you can use a Visual Studio identifier, e.g. for Visual Studio 2013, use vs12 or vs2013. For older versions which shipped with .NET framework releases, use a NuGet style framework identifier, e.g. net45.

  • MSBuildArchitecture System.Reflection.ProcessorArchitecture: Controls whether the 64-bit or 32-bit version of MSBuild is used. The default (None/MSIL) is the version matching the current OS. IA64 and Arm are not supported.

  • WorkingDirectory string

  • Solution a.k.a ProjectFile string: The solution or project to build. If not set, the default MSBuild behaviour occurs (see MSBuild Command-Line Reference).


The following properties map directly to MSBuild command line switches. The documentation for each switch is not repeated here. For non-trivial mappings, an explanation is provided.

  • Help bool

  • DetailedSummary bool

  • IgnoreProjectExtensions IEnumerable<string>

  • MaxCpuCount int?: For unlimited CPU usage, set this to -1 or int.MaxValue.

  • NoAutoResponse bool

  • NodeReuse bool?

  • NoLogo bool

  • Preprocess string: To pass the switch with no argument, set this to "" or string.Empty.

  • Properties object: Set this to an instance of an anonymous type. E.g. new { Configuration = "Release", WarningLevel = 2, } will be rendered as the command line switches "/property:Configuration=Release /property:WarningLevel=2".

  • Targets IEnumerable<string>

  • ToolsVersion string

  • Validate string: To pass the switch with no argument, set this to "" or string.Empty.

  • Verbosity Verbosity: Normal (default), Quiet, Minimal, Detailed, Diagnostic.

  • Version bool

  • ResponseFile a.k.a @ string

Switches for loggers

  • ConsoleLoggerParameters ConsoleLoggerParameters: all properties are of type bool with the exception of Verbosity which is of type Verbosity (see above).

  • DistributedFileLogger bool

  • DistributedLoggers IList<DistributedLogger>: DistributedLogger has a CentralLogger Logger and ForwardingLogger Logger.

  • FileLoggers IList<FileLogger>: FileLogger has a Number int and a FileLoggerParameters FileLoggerParameters.

  • Loggers IList<Logger>

  • NoConsoleLogger bool


  • Args string: This can be used to pass undocumented switches or is sometimes useful as a terse alternative to setting the properties described above. The value of Args is appended to the string rendered by any properties which have been set.
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