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Updated: 2017-06-14 21:10
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I dedicate this script to the fans of the Wingdings font, something to reminisce about our childhood.


symbolTyper is a javascript library that lets you type symbols by replacing patterns you define.
It exists as a standalone dependency free library:


Sometimes when you write, you type textual symbols like :) or <3. Wouldn't it be nice to see those symbols rendered nicely as what they represent? By using the power of icon fonts symbolTyper will replace those patterns you defined with their symbols. Until now this was done only when rendering the text after it is sent or saved, it was done when the text is no longer editable.

With symbolTyper symbols appear as you type while you are editing the text, symbols become characters part of the text you are editing. And even better, symbolTyper counts the symbols that were typed so you can use that information when you render the text later. The symbols are no longer just decorative, you can also use them to convey information.


All the demos :

Demo for the dependency free library :
Demo for the jQuery plugin :


Example use with AngularJs :


To install the depency-free library:

bower install symbol-typer


Includes :

	<!--include your icon font-->
	<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="symbolTyper.0.1.0.js"></script>

HTML markup :

<input type="text" id="typer1"/>

Css :

	font-family: 'Arial', 'FontAwesome', cursive;

Javascript :

//editable element
var input = document.getElementById('typer1');
//define your symbol map
var symbols = {
  //replaces ':-)' and ':)' by a smiley with a space before and after
  smileys : {
            unicode : '&#xf118;',
            before : ' ',
            after : ' ',
            replaced : [':-)', ':)']
  //replaces <3 by a heart up to 5 times
  hearts : {
            unicode : '&#xf004;',
            replaced : '<3',
            limit : 5
//apply symbolTyper to the editable element
//it will return a Typer object
var typer = new symbolTyper(input, symbols, onTyped);

//get the symbol count in the 'count' property of this object
var status = typer.getStatus();

//from here you can start typing in the input element and you will see symbols appear

function onTyped(status, event){
  //callback executed every time a symbol is typed
  //status provides the symbols count and typed text in the current editable element
  //event is the keyup event

For different settings view the DOCUMENTATION.


  • Supports characters escape : \<3 to not replace <3 by a heart
  • Counts the symbols : typer.getStatus() to get the count per symbol and text inside the editable element
  • Replaces several patterns : replaced : [':-)', ':)'] for several patterns to replace or replaced : '<3' for a single pattern to replace
  • Limited symbols : limit : 5 to limit the number of symbols that will appear to 5


  • You need to work with an icon font to enable symbol rendering. The demo for example uses FontAwesome.

Browser support

HTML5 browsers and IE >= 9.


This library is based on several hacks. If you are interested in understanding how it works under the hood you can study the prototype it is based on :
Also read the associated article.

Demo pages

The demo pages are under the gh-pages branch. They were generated with Assemble.

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