Created: 2014-05-19 09:10
Updated: 2015-02-09 08:12
License: mit

An Internal Project: redditnews

baby-gopher These projects specifications were given to a "Baby Gopher".

"I am keen to be abreast with what's happening in the Golang world. To that end, we will write a command-line program (redditnews.go) that fetches and displays the latest headlines from the golang page on Reddit.

The program will:

  • make an HTTP request to the Reddit API.
  • decode the JSON response into a Go data structure, and
  • display each link's author, score, URL and title.

We will then be building a bare-bones News Reader package (redditnews) that gives us the latest news and headlines from the Golang Sub-Reddit, using Reddit's API.

The "Baby Gopher" built this package and documented his progress so that other "Baby Gophers" could find it easy to understand the mechanics of writing a package in Go. He/she would now be able to build their own Go packages.

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