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Spreaker Customized App for iOS

More information:

How to sign an app with your distribution certificate

Before uploading your brand new app to the App Store, you'll need to sign in with your distribution certificate. The prepare_app.command script is here, just for that!

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  • XCode (latest version)
  • XCode Command line Tools (latest version)
  • Application Loader (it's inside Xcode)
  • Terminal

App in iTunes Connect:

  • You need to set up an app in the iTunes Connect portal. You can use any bundle ID you like (we suggest something like com.yourname.Spreaker-Customized-App). In order to upload the .ipa with Application Loader, the app MUST be in the "Prepare for Submission" state.

Certificate and Provisioning Profile:

  • An App Store Distribution Provisioning Profile (a .mobileprovision file).
  • The certificate (with its private key) in your keychain, in order to use the distribution profile above.
  • The certificate identity name.

Run prepare_app.command

In order to execute script, put all the files involved (.xcarchive, prepare_app.command and .mobileprovision files) in the same folder.

The prepare_app.command script requires 3 things:

  1. The .xcarchive file we provided you.
  2. The developer identity name needed when using the provisioning profile.
  3. The .mobileprovision file itself.

Once you launch the script, it will looks for those two files in the current directory and will prompt you to choose which developer identity use for signing.

Get required files

To get the .mobileprovision, simply visit the iTunes Connect Portal and download the App Store Distribution Provisioning Profile related to this app.

If needed, create it from scratch. There are no restrictions regarding the app bundle ID to use. Feel free to create whatever you wish. Remember to move/copy the .mobileprovision file into the script folder.

Launch the script

Double click on prepare_app.command to execute it.

The script will ask you to allow codesign software to access your keychain (in order to use the distribution certificate).

In a few seconds, the script completes its work and you'll find a new .ipa file in the folder.

Execution example

  • The script will also opens the Application Loader for you, so you can upload the .ipa file generated strait away.


Copyright (c) 2015 Spreaker, Inc. See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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