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Browser-side implementation of danceconvention.net API

This is development repo. Stable production-ready script can be found at danceconvention/dcnet-public/


  • Participants lists publication


  1. Download dcevent.min.js into your website directory
  2. Place <script> tag near the bottom of your page. Example:
    <script src="dcevent.min.js"></script>


Place container code somewhere in your page like this:

<div data-dcevent="69750" data-contest="Fast Feet Strictly" data-select="couples"></div>

This will output list of formed couples of Fast Feet Strictly contest of event with ID 69750.


  • data-dcevent: ID of your event. Event ID can be found on danceconvention website. For example:
    https://danceconvention.net/eventdirector/en/eventpage/86721 - the ID is 86721 (actually Pacific Motion 2014)
  • data-contest: contest name, exactly like on danceconvention.net
  • data-select: participants to show. Possible values:
    • leaders: leaders (Jack n' Jill divisions)
    • follows: followers (Jack n' Jill divisions)
    • couples: formed couples (Strictly, Classic, etc)
    • seeking/leaders: leaders seeking followers (for divisions with "looking for a partner" option)
    • seeking/follows: followers seeking leaders (for divisions with "looking for a partner" option)
  • data-format-hook: hook function to format data (also can be set globally in the script tag. See demo.html for example)

All event participants

To output full list of registered participants (with APPROVED and PAID status) place container like this:

<div data-dcevent="69750" data-select="signups"></div>


<!doctype html>
    <title>dcevent.js demo</title>
    <meta charset="utf-8" />

    <h1>dcevent.js demo</h1>

    <h2>All event participants</h2>
    <div data-dcevent="69750" data-select="signups">...</div>

    <h2>ProAm JnJ</h2>
    <h3>Am Leaders</h3>
    <div data-dcevent="69750" data-contest="ProAm Jack n' Jill" data-select="leaders">...</div>

    <h2>Fast Feet Strictly</h2>
    <div data-dcevent="69750" data-contest="Fast Feet Strictly" data-select="couples">...</div>
    <h3>Seeking Followers</h3>
    <div data-dcevent="69750" data-contest="69756" data-select="seeking/follows">...</div>

    <!-- Insert this script tag near the bottom of your page -->
    <script src="dcevent.min.js"></script>


More examples can be found in demo.html

Advanced usage

Custom URL of danceconvention API

Custom URL of danceconvention API can be specified in the script tag:

<script data-dcevent-api="http:/some.new.url/of/api/" src="dcevent.min.js"></script>

Specify custom language

<script data-dcevent-lang="ru" src="dcevent.min.js"></script>

DCevent object

DCevent global object properties:

  • api( eventID, [api_url] ): (Function) API interface
  • apiBaseUrl: (String) default URL of danceconvention API
  • version: (String) version of DCevent.js

DCevent.api interface

Asynchronous interface to danceconvention API.


var api = DCevent.api(eventId, apiUrl)


  • eventId: ID of event
  • apiUrl: URL of danceconvention API (optional, if not specified DCevent.apiBaseUrl will be used)


  • getContestSignups(contest, select, success_callback)
  • getEventSignups(success_callback)


var api = DCevent.api("69750"); 
api.getContestSignups("ProAm Jack n' Jill", "follows", function (data) {


All modern browsers including Internet Explorer 10 and up.

(Internet Explorer 8 and 9 will work only if your site runs over https due to restrictions in CORS implementation in IE8 and IE9)

Release History

  • 2017-12-11 / v0.0.3   

    • data-dcevent-lang attribute
  • 2014-07-28 / v0.0.2   

    • Added data-format-hook option
    • Bugfixes (doubled spaces)
  • 2014-06-16 / v0.0.1   

    • jQuery agnostic (no external dependencies)
    • Partial support of Internet Explorer 8 and 9
    • DCevent global object
    • Minified version
  • 2014-05-19 / v0.0.0

    • Initial release


  • Add various data output formats (data-format attribute)


Copyright (c) 2014 Oleg Fomin. Licensed under the MIT license.

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