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Updated: 2017-04-11 14:05
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General information

The pobject is a library which can be used to store objects persistantly in a database. It relies on some other libraries (dmtestlib, open_dmlib, dm_logger, dblib).


To use the library all you have to do is inherit a class from PObject.Object and preprocess your source files using the pobject preprocessor:

pobject preprocess <your_source_dir>

Inherit a class from PObject.Object to tell the preprocessor that this class supports persistant storage:

public class Cars : PObject.Object


Settings for the classes and fields are done via code annotations:

[PObject (table_name="tbl_cars")]
public class Cars : PObject.Object
  [PObject (field_name="car_id", primary_key=true)]
  public int64 id;

  [PObject (field_name="car_model")]
  public string model;

Only classes which are inherited from PObject.Object and annotated will support persistant storage. Only fields which are annotated will be used as fields in the database.


There are following code annotations which can be made for classes:

  • table_name - The name of the table in the database (required)
  • field_prefix - A prefix which should be used for every field in the table (optional)


There are following code annotations which can be made for fields in classes:

  • field_name - The name of the field in the table (required)
  • primary_key - A flag which specifies if this field is the primary key (true/false, optional)

Generated code

When your source files are preprocessed by the pobject tool they will get following methods:

  • object.save
  • Class.all
  • Class.select
  • object.delete


This library is written by DocuMatrix and is published under the LGPLv3 license. (c) 2014 by DocuMatrix (www.documatrix.com)

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