Created: 2014-05-19 07:52
Updated: 2017-01-09 11:17

Bipolar Feature Toggle System

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Bipolar is a feature toggle micro service, a bit similar to django-gargoyle, but with a deep difference: while django-gargoyle is a tool to switch features on Django-based projects, Bipolar is a web service with an API with ability to be used remotely by any language and framework.

That turns Bipolar a better tool to use in micro-service based architectures, specially when there more than one language and framework in the whole system and different frontend approaches.



An account contains the other elements, with a shortcode and API key to be used for authentation. That is very useful for a system with multiple services to serve.


Each feature can be named or structured by the developer taste, as long as it keeps a unique small-letters name for each account.

If a system has more than one place to enable or disable the same functionality (e.g. business functions in a CRM), the functionality will be a single Feature which is checked by more than one place in the code (can be different systems, servers, languages, no matters).


A qualifier is useful to set different permissions for the same features in an account. A good example for it is when you have different account types in your service (i.e. free and paying accounts), so, each account type is able to see the features in different ways.


A webhook is and end point setup to receive the current account''s permissions when something is updated (i.e. a new feature, a new qualifier, a permission is set or unset, etc.)

Right now Bipolar supports only Pusher and raw post URLs.


Bipolar is written based on the following third party software:

  • Python 2.7
  • Django 1.6
  • django-tastypie
  • pusher
  • jellyfish
  • south
  • requests
  • responses


Free and Open Source software based on Gnu Public License v3.


Marinho Brandao

Released at first for T Dispatch -

To do


  • Getting started
  • Server installation
  • Preparing Features, Qualifiers and Webhooks
  • Using Bipolar
  • Clients
  • Examples


  • Update tests
  • is not passing 100% - must be fixed and probably cover more
  • Django commands for server creation
  • Way to deploy with custom settings and static folder
  • User invitation
  • Nice interface on home page
  • Go client
  • PHP client
  • Ruby client
  • JS client
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