Created: 2014-05-19 07:51
Updated: 2014-07-07 17:46


Xamarin Bindings For UberTesters SDK

There are 3 flavours of API:

  1. direct bidnigns which are bound directly to native API (iOS and Android) this is mostly for API investigation and analysis
  2. normalized/homogenized API (abstraction layer over iOS and Android API) used mostly for unified/homogene API layer for cross platform development (Xamarin.Forms)

... and 3 flavours of samples

  1. native classical with
    1. direct bindings Samples.Native.Classical.UberTestersSDK
    2. normalized/unified bindings these samples will be used for testing and analysis of normalized API Samples.Native.Classical.UberTestersSDK.Normalized
  2. native Xamarin.Forms with normalized/unified API Samples.Native.XamarinForms.UberTestersSDK.Normalized
  • Ubertesters.Bindings.XamarinAndroid Android bidnings
  • Ubertesters.Bindings.XamarinIOS iOS bindings
  • Ubertesters.Application.XamarinAndroid Android sample DONE
  • Ubertesters.Application.XamarinIOS iOS Sample working

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