Created: 2014-05-19 07:24
Updated: 2018-06-27 03:32

###A Tool Set for Everyday Reading and Writing in Console only

In console, you put your fingure on mouse, you lose.

Seriously, this tool set is just to satisfy personal ambitious to write down an idea in code immediately no mater how stupid it is. You can use/modify it without my permission. Feedback is welcome all the time. Fork/Pull request is even better.

execute ./
How to use

In network reachable environment:

edict "word" | for consulting English dictionary.

This is for Taiwanese or HK ppl(And those who use Traditional Chinese as native language)

jdict "word" | for consulting Japanese dictionary.

This is for Everyone

wiki -l "language" "word" | for consulting wiki

For example : wiki -l jp "はな"

google "word" | for google

Just google it.

getPOEReleaseNote | for fun

POE | Path of Exile

get_taipei_times | for read

Bring you back to reality.

get_lyrics | for music

Get lyrics !

get_jpnews | for Japanese News

Read News !

note | a simple note

Note stuff !

get_ted_talk_science | for science!

Read ideas!

download_linux_kernel | for kernel compile

Hello, nerd!

get_icrt_top_song | just list

But I found I am interesting what DJ play more than top list.

udict "word" | some ted speech will need this to consult

lousy urban word always has its own meanings different from dictionary

**get_ign_topstory | read game news is nerd standard.

I blame game industry, the manual become so slim, I can't even call it manual "book" now, it's manual paper.

treeMurder | travel file system and kill some specific folders.(Currently I use it to delete .git .repo folders for release sake)

  1. Need to accept space in edict ok, use argparse module will solve the problem 2014-06-07
  2. Add language(c/c++) reference check util, hum, cdict maybe?
  3. You will need phonetic symbol in edict 2014-05-30 12:47:45
  4. I am thinking of consulting multiple pdf file in real time.
  5. enews Now you have taipei times, it's ok for headline read.
  6. jnews
  7. google google consult now you can google until ajax api is ceased.
  8. gmailReader
  9. Adopt python module argparse...40% ...actually I want to keep my old fashion way in one of tool
  10. Adopt python module logging...40%
  11. wiki done!, it looks ugly for showing.
  12. maybe read PDF text?
  13. make a urban English consulting utility
  14. osx can use 'say' to do TTS
  15. A lyrics search utility
  16. TED script fetch done! 2014-06-05 15:46:00
  17. A stackoverflow console search
  18. get_Lyrics should work with moc, music on console
  19. some remark feature in reading would be amazing.
  20. a loop for multiple consulting would be handy (edict/jdict)
  21. a console showing mechanism that input country name and show world map.
  22. output aozora style text of all Japanese text, because I need Hiragana mark.
  23. make get_ted_talk_science become get_ted_talk and list all possible when user is not input category
  24. write a linux kernel downloader It could be more nerdy, if I fetch more version.
  25. remove note database to dropbox folder. I just put a option in it works.
  26. expand color!
  27. google img fetcher. prototype A. download 9 images once B. combine them as 1 3x3 big image C. display them D. downloadable for each one.
  28. I should make note can extend subject. like 1 .. 1-1 1-1-1 1-1-2 1-2
  29. make a really simple utility to read facebook feed and replay it in console , I have old implementation, should be easy for me.
  30. ok, I hope I have a simple terminal python that can list files or directory and I can choose one to manipulate to do something.
  31. I will need a simple tool that doing ruby web tag to aozora format.
  32. I need to know verb tense as well. for edict
  33. Added urban dictionary
  1. Plan to use jNlp

Maybe just use hiraganamegane

  1. Currently all pull, any push utility like blog push maybe?
  2. Just dont't push so frequently.
  1. Python like parseInt
  2. Jian to Fan convert
  3. pygoogle
  4. xgoogle
  5. Mecab
  6. Wikipedia, a python parser
  7. Wordpress xmlrpc
  8. PDFMiner
  9. python-docx
  10. Path of Exile
  11. uniseg
  12. xjp2
  13. aozora4reader
  14. TED
  15. linux kernel
  16. wordhippo consult tense!
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