Created: 2014-05-19 07:08
Updated: 2015-10-19 23:06
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Framework for easily creating simple command line applications.


The framework can be used to create a simple console application taking the form:

myapp.exe backup -filename MyFile.xml --local

The first argument (backup) is the command. This tells the application what action to perform. Arguments which start with a double dash are Boolean flags, and arguments which start with a single dash are settings and are followed by their value. These values are represented in the framework by the Arg type.

Command handlers have the signature Arg list -> int where the return value is the exit code of the application.

The App.run function is used to create an entry point for your application. You provide the function with:

  • A function which prints your application's usage (unit -> int).
  • A list of tuples that maps commands to handlers ((String * (Arg list -> unit)) list).
  • The command line arguments (String array).

The framework will then either execute the handler associated with the command or, if no match is found, the usage function.


module Program = 

  module Usage = 
    let exec () = ...

  module Backup =
    let exec args = ...
  module Restore = 
    let exec args = ...
  let main argv = 
    App.run Usage.exec [
      ("backup", Backup.exec);
      ("restore", Restore.exec);
    ] argv

A working example can be found in the FSharp.ConsoleApp.Example projects.

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