Created: 2014-05-19 05:30
Updated: 2017-10-18 16:35
License: mit

#Beard Me beard Based on Randy Lebeau's Stacked, but customized to suit my tastes.



npm install -g yeoman generator-beardme grunt
yo beardme
grunt init
vi server/config/config.js
grunt test
grunt server


  • Write more tests
  • Clean up the public/ side
  • Re-work the non-dev aspects
  • Add sub-generator for MVC
  • ideas?


  • Fixed install on Mac
  • Modified app.logger to allow for multiple log files


  • Made winston and enabled by default
  • Rewrote server.js to load components using async.series()
  • Created environment profiling options in config.js
  • Converted individual db vars to a single string
  • Put logging, io, db, & api under the app namesapce


  • Added Socket.IO! You can select it at the yo beardme prompt. Look in public/js/app/views/MainView.js for an example of how to use it.
  • Prevented Router.js from loading MainView.js twice


  • !!!UPDATED DEPENDENCIES!!! - All dependencies are now current & tests work. If your generated apps behave strangely, please let me know & I'll look in to it.
  • Added browser auto-launch on server start
  • Moved Yeoman prompt input vars into an inputs namespace
  • Wrote server tests
  • Added jsonp.js to the server/api/, look at public/js/app/templates/Main.html for how to use it =)
  • Added a beard counter using jsonp.js


  • Added Winston for logging


  • Rewrote the MongoDB Schema handler to use Schema.statics instead of prototypeing
  • Added prompts to populate config.js for MongoDB


  • Added support for SSL via the PEM module
  • Added some beardy bling
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