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Updated: 2014-05-23 11:47


Learning-Computer Science

What's L-CS?

L-CS is an acronym for Learning-Computer Science. I added a hyphen to separate 'Learning' and 'Computer Science'. It's a personal repository containing exercise solutions, programs, my notes and reflections for each chapter on books, video tutorials, online courses, etc.,.

Why make L-CS?

I decided to write about my experience and it's `kinda my way to express my persona as exilonblack.

Do you have a plan to learn Computer Science?

Nope. I just read ebooks, post my reflections, notes, and programs and my exercise solutions. At a later time, I'll make a user site for all of this soon...

Do you got some sort of design/template for the contents?

Not yet... But I'll make some as time progresses. (5/19/14)

L-CS is very new so templates won't matter. However, there will be a fixed pattern on how files and folders are organized as time passes. (5/23/14)

Do you have any assumptions the readers might know?

A knowledge of what they're going to read since the contents are my reflections, notes, programs, and exercise solutions.

Powershell (or Bash) is recommended since you'll see prompts, commands, and file locations but it's not necessary, you may ignore it since it's just for show.

How would you define computer science?

I would define computer science as the science (or study) of computers, not only the course in college but also how it should be used.

What will this repository contain?

It will contain a lot of exercise questions, chapter reflections and notes, programs and etc...

You mentioned that there will be a user site, how's that relevant to learning CS and in this repository?

I plan to make a website hosted by Github pages that will redirect to this repository since they're both complementary.

I plan to make the site look good based on what I learn in Web Development/Design if I ever decide to do so. (5/21/14)

Folders and files => This file

TCPL => The C Programming Language (On-going 5/19/14 - PRESENT)

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