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The ProtoPLC Board Support Package (BSP) includes firmware, tools, applications, libraries and supporting documentation. The protoplc-update tool updates the ProtoPLC BSP from your Raspberry Pi.


To install the tool, run the following command on the Raspberry Pi:

sudo curl -L --output /usr/bin/protoplc-update && sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/protoplc-update


Then to update your ProtoPLC firmware and SDK, just run the following command:

sudo protoplc-update


After the firmware and SDK have been sucessfully updated, the ProtoPLC board is re-programmed and automatically rebooted. There is no need to reboot your Raspberry Pi.


The SDK is updated to the latest version. To upgrade/downgrade the firware to a specific revision, specify its Git hash (from the repository) as follows:

sudo protoplc-update 55ae4046186027f4d961dcd48259fbb88cf1f161

Expert options

There are a number of options for experts you might like to use. These are all environment variables you must set if you wish to use them.


sudo UPDATE_SELF=0 protoplc-update

By default, protoplc-update will attempt to update itself each time it is run. The above disables this behaviour.


sudo SKIP_BACKUP=1 protoplc-update

Avoids making backup of /usr/local/mas/protoplc to /usr/local/mas/protoplc.bak


sudo SKIP_REPODELETE=1 protoplc-update

By default the downloaded files (/root/.protoplc-firmware and /root/.protoplc-sdk) are deleted at the end of an update. Using this option avoids deleting the files.


sudo ROOT_PATH=/media/root MAS_PATH=/media/usr/local/mas protoplc-update

Allows you to perform an offline update to an SD card you are not currently booted from. Be careful, you must specify both options or neither. Specifying only one will not work.


By default, protoplc-update will clone files from the master branch. Specifying a branch as follows:

sudo BRANCH=develop protoplc-update

will use the develop branch instead.


There are two possible problems related to SSL certificates that may prevent this tool from working.

  • The time may be set incorrectly on your Raspberry Pi, which you can fix by setting the time using NTP.

    sudo apt-get install ntpdate
    sudo ntpdate -u
  • The other possible issue is that you might not have the ca-certificates package installed, and so GitHub's SSL certificate isn't trusted. If you are on Debian, you can resolve this by typing:

    sudo apt-get install ca-certificates

Software License

protoplc-update is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license reproduced in the included LICENSE file.

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