Created: 2014-05-19 04:33
Updated: 2014-05-25 22:16


A very awkward way of meeting new people.

It's a very simple system where it will allow the user to randomly tweet someone a positive saying, along with a random image pulled from Flickr. I mean REALLY random, like this one

The hashtag "#awkwardfriendship" will also be attached along with the tweet.


The code should be considered highly unoptimized and generally very very bad. It was my first foray into Dart (which is fantastic by the way). Also, since this was never meant to be a completely serious project, there are a number of things that normally ought to have been done, well, haven't.

You're welcome to take the code and do with it whatever you want.

Please note that, in regards to node-oauth, the format of the, require statement has changed, but not has noted on their documentation.




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