Created: 2014-05-19 04:30
Updated: 2018-08-03 21:30

Trait Database quick start guide

The following quick start guide creates a development database (using sqlite3). The assumption is that you are trying out the database, and so don't need to get fancy at this stage. The first step is to set up rails on you computer or server (if you haven't already). A rails installation guide can be found here:

The below quick start guide was last updated for ruby-2.2.0.

  1. Clone the github repository

     git clone
  2. Move into the traits directory

     cd traits
  3. Make sqlite3 database configuration file and local environment file

     cd config  
     cp database.yml.sqlite database.yml  
     cp local_env.yml.example local_env.yml  
  4. Return to base directory and install gems

     cd ..
     bundle install
  5. Migrate database structure to sqlite3 development database

     rake db:migrate
  6. Start solr search

     rake sunspot:solr:start
     rake sunspot:solr:reindex
  7. Start rails server

     rails s
  8. Sign-up user (http://localhost:3000/signup)

  9. Open development database

     sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3 
  10. In sqlite3, make the new user admin, editor and contributor

    update users set admin='t' where id=1;  
    update users set contributor='t' where id=1;  
    update users set editor='t' where id=1;  
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