Created: 2014-05-19 04:01
Updated: 2018-08-10 09:38
License: mit

mongoose-taggable-via-redis Build Status

a mongoose plugin provide tagging ability to datamodle via redis,

Tagging in redis is super fast and flexable. This plugin use taggable-via-redis to provide a better tagging function to mongoose datamodle

This plugin also supports scope tagging

This plugin add folloowing methos to mongoose data model:

Static Methods

  • DataModel.popularTags(count:Number, scope:String(optional), callback:Function)
  • DataModel.findByTags(tags:[String || String[]], query:MQuery(optional), scope:String(optional), callback:Function)
  • DataModel.findWithTags(conditions:MCondition, callback:Function)

Query Extension

  • execWithTag -- will call exec() and inject tags to each found data model instances

Instance Methods

  • instance.setTags(tags:Array, callback:Function)

Instance Properties

  • instance.tags -- return an array of all tags belong to the data model instance

Init Options

  • taggable -- name of taggable object
  • prefix -- [optional] redis key prefix
  • redisClient -- [optional] use existing redis client, when override redisPort and redisHost options
  • redisPort -- [optional] custom redis port
  • redisHost -- [optional] custom redis host
  • getScope -- [optional] a function figure out scope from data model instance


Install the module with:

npm install mongoose-taggable-via-redis


see test


npm test


Copyright (c) 2014 yi Licensed under the MIT license.

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