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Updated: 2014-05-19 04:01



  1. Make sure you have rails and gem installed.
  2. Clone the repo with the command below:
git clone
  1. You need bundler before you can install dependencies
gem install bundler
  1. Install the dependencies
bundle install
  1. Run DB setup or migrations
# If you want to clear out the database
rm -f db/*.sqlite3 db/schema.rb
# If this is your first time setting up the application
rake db:setup
# Otherwise
rake db:migrate
# Add data such as default sections
rake db:seed
  1. Start the server with:
cd <app path>
rails server

To create a post: $rake np

Then, be sure to change published: true in config/jekyll/posts/

To generate the blog html: $rake generate

Then to push it through github:

$ git add . $ git commit -m ‘your commit message' $ git push

Documentation on bloggy:

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