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A crawler of vertical communities achieved by GOLANG.


Latest stable Release: Version 1.2 (Sep 23, 2014).

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  • Concurrent
  • Fit for vertical communities
  • Flexible, Modular
  • Native Go implementation
  • Can be expanded to an individualized crawler easily


  • Go 1.2 or higher


中文文档 && 常见问题.


go get github.com/hu17889/go_spider
go get github.com/PuerkitoBio/goquery
go get github.com/bitly/go-simplejson
go get golang.org/x/net/html/charset

This project is based on simplejson, goquery.

You can download packages from http://gopm.io/ in China.

Use example

Here is an example for crawling github content. You can have a try of the crawl process.

  • go install github.com/hu17889/go_spider/example/github_repo_page_processor
  • ./bin/github_repo_page_processor

More examples here: examples.

Make your spider

    // Spider input:
    //  PageProcesser ;
    //  Task name used in Pipeline for record;
    spider.NewSpider(NewMyPageProcesser(), "TaskName").
        AddUrl("https://github.com/hu17889?tab=repositories", "html"). // Start url, html is the responce type ("html" or "json")
        AddPipeline(pipeline.NewPipelineConsole()).                    // Print result on screen
        SetThreadnum(3).                                               // Crawl request by three Coroutines
  • Use default modules

  • Downloader:HttpDownloader

  • Scheduler:QueueScheduler

  • Pipeline:PipelineConsole,PipelineFile

  • Use your modules

Just copy the default modules and modify it!

If you make a Downloader module, you can use it by Spider.SetDownloader(your_downloader).

If you make a Pipeline module, you can use it by Spider.AddPipeline(your_pipeline).

If you make a Scheduler module, you can use it by Spider.SetScheduler(your_scheduler).


Extensions folder include modulers or other tools someone sharing. You can push your code without bugs.



Summary: Crawler initialization, concurrent management, default moduler, moduler management, config setting.


  • Clawler startup functions: Get, GetAll, Run
  • Add request: AddUrl, AddUrls, AddRequest, AddRequests
  • Set main moduler: AddPipeline(could have several pipeline modulers), SetScheduler, SetDownloader
  • Set config: SetExitWhenComplete, SetThreadnum(concurrent number), SetSleepTime(sleep time after one crawl)
  • Monitor: OpenFileLog, OpenFileLogDefault(open file log function, logged by mlog package), CloseFileLog, OpenStrace(open tracing info printed on screen by stderr), CloseStrace


Summary: Spider gets a Request in Scheduler that has url to be crawled. Then Downloader downloads the result(html, json, jsonp, text) of the Request. The result is saved in Page for parsing in PageProcesser. Html parsing is based on goquery package. Json parsing is based on simplejson package. Jsonp will be conversed to json. Text form represents plain text content without parser.


  • Download: download content of the crawl objective. Result contains data body, header, cookies and request info.


Summary: The PageProcesser moduler only parse results. The moduler gets results(key-value pairs) and urls to be crawled next step. These key-value pairs will be saved in PageItems and urls will be pushed in Scheduler.


  • Process: parse the objective crawled.


Summary: save information of request.


  • Get result: GetJson, GetHtmlParser, GetBodyStr(plain text)
  • Get information of objective: GetRequest, GetCookies, GetHeader
  • Get Status of crawl process: IsSucc(Download success or not), Errormsg(Get error info in Downloader)
  • Set config:SetSkip, GetSkip(if skip is true, do not output result in Pipeline), AddTargetRequest, AddTargetRequests(Save urls to be crawled next stage), AddTargetRequestWithParams, AddTargetRequestsWithParams, AddField(Save key-value pairs after parsing)


Summary: The Scheduler moduler is a Request queue. Urls parsed in PageProcesser will be pushed in the queue.


  • Push
  • Poll
  • Count


Summary: The Pipeline moduler will output the result and save wherever you want. Default moduler is PipelineConsole(Output to stdout) and PipelineFile(Output to file)


  • Process


Summary: The Request moduler has config for http request like url, header and cookies.


  • Process


go_spider is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

Mozilla summarizes the license scope as follows:

MPL: The copyleft applies to any files containing MPLed code.

That means:

  • You can use the unchanged source code both in private as also commercial
  • You needn't publish the source code of your library as long the files licensed under the MPL 2.0 are unchanged
  • You must publish the source code of any changed files licensed under the MPL 2.0 under a) the MPL 2.0 itself or b) a compatible license (e.g. GPL 3.0 or Apache License 2.0)

Please read the MPL 2.0 FAQ if you have further questions regarding the license.

You can read the full terms here: LICENSE.

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