Created: 2014-05-19 03:13
Updated: 2019-01-25 19:52

Chrome Gesture Control

This is an experimental Chrome extension for scrolling web pages by gesturing in front of your webcam. It's based on gesture.js, which tries to do a good job of gesture detection with the 2D camera built into most laptops these days.

Chrome Gesture Control screenshot


Download the extension or clone this repo somewhere on your computer. Open Chrome's "extensions" screen and check the box to enable "Developer Mode". Pick "Load unpacked extension…", then select the directory with the chrome-gesture-control files.


Chrome extensions aren't allowed to constantly access the webcam for privacy reasons, so you'll be prompted for permission to use the webcam every time you load a page in the browser. A window in the top-right of the page will show what your webcam sees. Gesture up, down, left, or right to scroll 600px in that direction.

Two hands can be used to scroll up or down by 1200px, but detection is kind of flaky.

Author & Credits

This extension was written by Dave Ross (, based on the following open source contributions:


  • jQuery Easing was released under the BSD License.
  • gesture.js is part of a reveal.js fork and inherits its MIT license.
  • All original code is released under the MIT license. Please use it to build cool things. Pull requests are encouraged.
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