Created: 2014-05-19 03:06
Updated: 2016-01-18 08:34
License: mit

MyMD (My Movies Dashboard)

My Movies Dashboard is a web application with my private collection of movies. This dashboard is updated weekly from my movies in iTunes and manually for my movies in DVD and BR.


The application is encapsulated in a Vagrant box or a Docker container. It is possible to start or continue the development in any of them.


To start the development with Vagrant you need to have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed. The clone the repository, build the Vagrant box and login into it.

git clone
cd MyMDB
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

In case this is a new development using yeoman, you have to:

cd ~/workspace
mkdir src
cd src

Select the application type you will develop (i.e. angular) and Yeoman will create everything. In case of angular you may select everything but using Sass.

Execute the vagrant/puppet provisioning again in your host to fix the Gruntfile.js.

vagrant provision

In the vagrant box now you can run the server to watch the application and see every change you do in the code. You can code in your host

vagrant ssh
cd ~/workspace/src
grunt serve

In your host:

open http://localhost:9000/

Code your files with sublime text in your host and whatch the changes in your broweser.


###Vagrant Go to the Vagrant box and run:

vagrant ssh
cd ~/workspace/src
grunt test

##Deployment ###Vagrant Go to the Vagrant box and run:

vagrant ssh
cd ~/workspace/src

The production code is ready in ~/workspace/dist. This will will be in the ~/workspace later.

##Clean Up

###Vagrant To cleanup everything just do:

vagrant destroy -f
rm -rf .vagrant
rm -rf src/bower_components
rm -rf src/dist
rm -rf src/node_modules
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