Created: 2014-05-19 02:35
Updated: 2014-05-19 02:40



"Riffle in a Bottle"

A lower-functionality / higher cost / Arduino IDE - compatible Riffle, based on Atmel328p.

  • Requires FTDI cable for programming (e.g. Adafruit's "FTDI Friend") -- typically $15
  • Includes uSD, flash memory, high-precision real time clock (DS3231) with coin battery backup
  • Programmable as "Arduino UNO" in Arduino IDE
  • runs at 3.3V and 16 MHz
  • includes circuit for monitoring battery level
  • board width allows device to be inserted through mouth of standard plastic water bottle (one with 20 mm diameter or greater)
  • can run for several weeks (perhaps months) on 3 AA batteries, especially if low self-discharging batteries (like rechargeable Eneloops) are used
  • Rough estimate of cost of parts that could be used to log temperature in a water bottle (not including shipping, or FTDI cable): $38 -- cost estimate here


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