Created: 2014-05-19 02:31
Updated: 2016-02-18 18:41

Email Templates Plugin

This plugin adds a class to send emails in frontend using customizable emails' templates to OctoberCMS.

Using the code

  1. Under System > Settings > Email Configuration, set your preferences for sending e-mail.
  2. Register at least one e-mail template. You can use twig variables in your template email according to the html form used.
  3. On your contact page add the code:
    // Use the class to call the method "template()"
    use RabLab\Email\Send;
    // The function name can be on your own
    function onSendMail()
        $post = post();
        $result = Send::template('my-template-test', $post['email'], $post['name']);
        $this['result'] = $result;

The template () method has 4 parameters that can be passed:

    $slug = 'my-template-test'; //slug to previously registered template in the database. (required)
    $mail = null; //Mailbox to receive the e-mail sent. (optional)
    $receiver = null; //The name of the receiver mailbox. (optional)
    $subject = null; //Subject of the message. This endorses the subject entered orginalmente to register a template.
    // Full method call:
    Send::template($slug, $email, $receiver, $subject);
    // Short method call:
    // The default recipient it the previous registered in the Email Configuration

    Note:: Added variables {{ ip_address }} and {{ user_agent }} to be used in the templates to see sender information.
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