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Scripts in this folder will aid you create dictionary from documents and generate data the same as the lda-style data in the example given in petuum code.

Use documents in data/bing_sample_big.txt as an example.


The raw documents should be stored in the form:

doc_title(could be url)doc_content

see data/bing_sample_big.txt.

How to Generate Dictionary

Execute scripts/

./scripts/ data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id

First, we should give each doc one unique document id. It will create data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id.

Then, it will generate data/bing_sample_big.txt.tf_df.sorted_df and data/bing_sample_big.txt.tf_df.sorted_df. The first one sorts words in the documents by tf and the second by df.

Use those two to select words to create your dictionary.

After you have selected some words from those two file, regardless of which one. I will use data/bing_sample_big.txt.tf_df.sorted_df as an example.

Imagine that I only used 100000 words in the data/bing_sample_big.txt.tf_df.sorted_df as dictionary and save those 100000 lines in file called data/wiki_tf_df.dict. To remove the tf:df appending to each words, execute the following command:

python src/ data/bing_sample_big_tf_df.dict

After this you will get data/bing_sample_big.dict file, which is your dictionary.

How to Create lda-style data

To produce lda-style data, execute the following bash script:

scripts/ data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id data/bing_sample_big.dict

data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id.lda_data is the data you want.

data/ is the word_id map file.

You can have some idea of the word id of each word in data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id.lda_data in data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id.almost_lda_data.

In petuum lda-style data file, the first line is the number of documents. Get the number in the last line of data/bing_sample_big.txt.with_doc_id, and plus one since we assign doc id incrementally from zero. Put the number in the first line then the file format will be the same.

TODO: Deal with large scale

The script uses hadoop to proprocess data will be future work.

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