Created: 2014-05-19 01:19
Updated: 2014-05-26 04:50

CMS on Sails

A content management system built on top of JavaScript, using Sails.js

  1. download the repository

    git clone cd cms-on-sails

  2. get started:

    npm install

  3. lift your sails

    sails lift

Now you're good to go!

You can modify your configuration by logging into the website and editing the admin panel

What is this?

a Sails application

sails new blog --linker sails generate model Article title:string content:string sails generate controller Article index show new edit




authentication slugs for urls


CRUD article CRUD comment override, and add redirects


article comment page


article: index, show, form, edit/new, partials (comment/article) page: index, show, form, edit/new, partials -- markdown editor

prepare database for prod

add relevant database adaptor via npm set options in connections.js choose adaptor in models.js


authorization for page editing remove epic editor altogther

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