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#Code Test Specification Given a list of items in the fridge (presented as a csv list), and a collection of recipes (a collection of JSON formatted recipes), produce a recommendation for what to cook tonight. Program should be written to take two inputs; fridge csv list, and the json recipe data. How you choose to implement this is up to you; Please provide a web page which takes input through a form, generates a valid result using the provided input data. Bonus points for styling the web pages ##Input: fridge csv ####Format: item, amount, unit, use-by ####Where;

  • Item (string) = the name of the ingredient – e.g. egg)
  • Amount (int) = the amount
  • Unit (enum) = the unit of measure, values;
    • of (for individual items; eggs, bananas etc)
    • grams
    • ml (milliliters)
    • slices
  • Use-By (date) = the use by date of the ingredient (dd/mm/yy)


peanut butter,250,grams,2/12/2014
mixed salad,150,grams,26/12/2013

####recipes json Array of recipes with format specified as below

    name : String
    ingredients [] 
        item : String
        amount : int
        unit : enum


        "name": "grilled cheese on toast",
        "ingredients": [
            { "item":"bread", "amount":"2", "unit":"slices"},
            { "item":"cheese", "amount":"2", "unit":"slices"}
        "name": "salad sandwich",
        "ingredients": [
            { "item":"bread", "amount":"2", "unit":"slices"},
            { "item":"mixed salad", "amount":"100", "unit":"grams"}


  • An ingredient that is past its use-by date cannot be used for cooking.
  • If more than one recipe is found, then preference should be given to the recipe with the closest use-by item
  • If no recipe is found, the program should return “Order Takeout”
  • Program should be all-inclusive and a run script (if required) included
  • Please include evidence of unit testing
  • Using the sample input above, the program should return "Salad Sandwich".
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