Created: 2014-05-19 01:07
Updated: 2014-08-06 00:36



  • Simple, 3D, first-person shooter using JSFeat and Three js

  • Uses the Lucas Kanade optical tracking from JS feat to track the user's head. This was chosen because

    • 1 I knew it worked smoothly and I needed something reliably for the Hackathon
    • 2 It is much smoother than other headtracking libraries I've come across, which keep racalculating the size of your head and therefore have too much 'jitter' in them.
  • Work on this repo will require you spin up a server since chrome won't let you access your webcam from a local HTML file. If you're unfamiliar with node, you'll only have to:

    • Install Node.
    • In terminal, when in the folder, run NPM install
    • Run node server.js
    • In your browser, navigate to localhost:8080

The meat of the repo is in the public folder.

  • index.html

    • Contains video element and canvas to render the video on to.

    • These are 'run' by the files in public/lib/exampleCode that are largely unchanged since forked from JS Feat.

    • In addition to my changes, I've added some annotation to help forkers understand what's going on.

    • Also contains a Three js webGL renderer, which is dynamically appended from /public/js/3frame.js.

    • Except for headtracking, all game logic and rendering lives inside /public/js.

    • Any other dynamic elements in index.html are also controlled from within /public/js

  • /public/js/3frame.js

    • Primary controller of rendering and 3d effect. Rending behaviour, update patten and cube characteristics should be adjusted here. Renders cubes and controls camera position using inputs from:
  • /public/js/extractedValues.js

    • Takes output from sampleWorkflow.js and converts it into meaningful coordinates in the context of the element and rendering from 3frame.js. Variables defining perspective and camera behaviour should be adjusted here.
  • /public/js/room.js

    • Statically defines a wireframe room rendered by 3frame.js. Variables defining these characteristics should be adjusted here.
  • /public/js/laser.js

    • Defines logic and animation behind the ball firing action.
  • /public/js/tracker.js

    • Defines aiming logic behind ball-firing action. Note this does not use collision detection but instead requires the user to be aiming at the front-facing surface of the cube to register a 'hit'.
    • Also tracks game statistics and controlls DOM elements that reflect these to the user
  • /public/js/userInt.js

    • Contains jQuery listeners that controll the game initialisation. No game logic or data here, just a control interface.
  • /public/js/vid.js

    • Deprecated. Simple js file used just to get video working during initial commit. Useful for debugging video issues or working out compatibility issues between browsers.
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