Created: 2014-05-19 00:53
Updated: 2014-11-06 03:01


Build Status

Bank OCR Kata

This project uses the waf build system.

To build the project for the first time, type:

  waf configure build

To build with clang, try:

  CXX=clang++ waf configure build

Subsequent builds just require:

  waf build

To erase all build artifacts, type:

  waf distclean

For further guidance, type:

  waf --help

This project also uses Google Mock as test framework, which also includes Google Test in its entirety.

All build artifacts are created in the build/ subdiirectory.

The build executes the unit tests and indicates pass/fail status.

To see the full output from the unit tests, type:


To see output for the first story in the kata:


To see output for the third story in the kata:


Likewise for story 4:

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