Created: 2014-05-19 00:12
Updated: 2017-01-08 04:12
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External Example plugin for JSDoc

This project defines a plugin for the JSDoc documentation generator that injects the contents of an external source file into the documentation. This allows code examples to be maintained in standalone files (i.e. outside of in-line JavaScript comments) where they may be validated with standard developer tooling like style checkers and linters.


The src/external-example.js file may be downloaded from this source code repository. Alternatively, it may be install via npm with the following command:

npm install --save jsdoc-external-example


Extend JSDoc comments in your JavaScript source files with the @externalExample tag. This should reference an external JavaScript file (omitting the .js extension). For example:

 * This is a description
 * @externalExample external-file-name
 * @param {Object} parameter This is a parameter

To configure JSDoc to recognize this tag, add a reference to the external-example.js file in your JSDoc configuration file:

  "plugins": [

An example jsdoc-config.json file can be found in the source code for the Miso Project's web site: https://github.com/misoproject/misoproject.github.io/blob/823a740e1dddba442bcbf96d91ef49dd585e5271/jsdoc-config.json)

For more on using JSDoc and its plugins, please see http://usejsdoc.org/about-plugins.html


Copyright (c) 2014 Mike Pennisi
Licensed under the MIT license.

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