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Monkee-Boy mBoy Coding & Style Guides Current Version

This is pre draft phase and should not be considered final or even usable. Lots more to come including rewriting most of what is here.

This is a collection of coding standards, best practices, and resources for the Monkee-Boy Development Team. The goal is to create a set of standards used on all projects. This will make it easier when maintaining projects long term for each developer.

The coding standards should be followed for all projects. The only exception would be when using a third party library such as Twitter Bootstrap and utilizing their standards instead. This guide will be updated as often as needed as the development team grows.


  • Split out each topic to their own file with a TOC for front end and back end.
  • Expand JavaScript section using AirBnB's guide.
  • Expand upon using SASS.
  • Add more detailed accessibility section.
  • Add SEO Guide (this will extend on the typical title/alt tags and include more meta and schema.org info).
  • Add guide for mbCMS including plugin/file structure, naming convention of plugins and urls, and standards used in it.
  • Clean up ./backend-standards.md.
  • Add info on naming conventions for files and images.

Credit & Thanks

These guides are maintained by the Monkee-Boy Dev Team and primarily for internal use. The guides are made public on github to share. They are heavily inspired by the Mozilla Developer Network, Necolas' Idiomatic CSS, Chris Coyier, Paul Irish and many more in the developer community. These guides are not a fit for every team, you should encourage the use of standards within your team for the greater good and these guides are what works for us.

The Dev Team

Handcrafted with ♥ in Austin, Texas by the Monkee-Boy Troop.

James Fleeting | Pete Gautier | John Hoover | David Saunders :---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---: James Fleeting | Pete Gautier | John Hoover | David Saunders


mbGuides is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license


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