Created: 2014-05-18 23:03
Updated: 2019-02-11 12:34
License: mit


Synth is a unified cognitive architecture with the capabilities of a human mind.

Synth is intended to be used to construct the first super-human(e)ly intelligent machine.

Synth is based on a large amount of basic research completed between 2012-2013, which has resulted in a design called v7.

This codebase is the attempt to fully implement that design, creating a framework that can be used to bootstrap a synthetic mind, by feeding it 1) English texts containing (trustless) information, and 2) English texts containing an ethics specification.

We expect to reach our target of a fully working AI some time in 2016. Before then, we will need to commercialize this project, in order to procure the hardware necessary to run the production system, and to ensure the physical security of the code.

(If you have about $20 million lieing around, that you think might have better uses -- give us a call.)


For more information on the project, please visit our blog or our homepage.

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