Created: 2014-05-18 22:34
Updated: 2014-05-19 11:43

Getting and Cleaning Data Course Project (UCI HAR)

Structure of project directory:

  • ./

  • run_analysis.R - R script, tidy_data generator. - this file. - description of project details.
    tidy_data.txt - project results.

    • ./UCI HAR Dataset

    • features.txt - raw data features columns names
      activity_labels.txt - raw data activity names

      • ./UCI HAR Dataset/test

      • X_test.txt - raw data features values (test)
        Y_test.txt - raw data activities id (test)
        subject_test.txt - raw data subjects id (test)

      • ./UCI HAR Dataset/train

      • X_train.txt - raw data features values (train)
        Y_train.txt - raw data activities id (train)
        subject_train.txt - raw data subjects id (train)

[Zipped data for ./UCI HAR Dataset will be find here](
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