Created: 2014-05-18 21:52
Updated: 2018-02-23 15:24

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  • Build the single pages (and routing)
  • Build an interface for adding and editing instructions in the admin.
  • Add loading indicator system
  • Determine how to rework creation / editing so that it's truly one at a time. They should probably be different routes, the admin should only list the different margaritas / ingredients to edit. If the create / edit pages are separate, this allows them to become user facing in the future.
  • Currently you can add duplicate ingredients to a margarita
  • Look into (Parse) views as a way to filter a collection without messing with it too much
  • Move all code possible from the app start and into services
  • Build the proper relational database structure
  • Clean up the design
  • Add search / sort / browse pages
  • Fix the tiny nav menu slideout / mobile view
  • Combine Sign Up / Login modals like
  • Add error checking / visible warnings to the modal to make sure it doesn't close if you haven't supplied all the info or supplied incorrect info.


  • Create a user system to allow rating / saving
    • Include a social login option as well.
  • Pictures of the Margaritas (removed for MVP)
  • More advanced shopping list calculation / recipe features?


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