Created: 2014-05-18 21:48
Updated: 2014-06-26 17:57
License: gpl-3.0


A dictionary and a tester for the people learning German.

This desktop application will provide the ability for a person to test their skills and knowledge in the not-so-easy-to-learn German language. It'll have two major work modes. The first one will be a dictionary - when in doubt, the person, using the app can check the meaning of the word (provided in English), the definite article of a noun, etc. When in the other mode - 'Prüfung mode', the user can see how much they have learnt so far. They can try matching a german word with it's english meaning and vice versa. They'll be able to fill in the gaps with the missing article in the CORRECT grammatical case: nominativ, akkusativ, dativ and genitiv. Also, there'll be a check to correctly coordinate adjectives with the following nouns.

Plan for realisation until Milestone 2: I think I'll be able to put the basic desktop interface up and running, along with small databases with words in German and their meaning in English. Maybe the first Check mode will be almost ready.

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