Created: 2014-05-18 20:33
Updated: 2014-05-19 19:26

##Experiment with Evrythng

This experiment demonstrates a possible architecture to manage virtual objects for augmented reality purposes. In augmented reality, virtual objects are overlaying the real world, therefore a common virtual layer is needed, holding information about virtual objects. If Evrythng would host the virtual layer containing information on every virtual objects, third parties could develop better apps, focusing on the capture and rendering of virtual objects. Applications could share this common virtual world, improving and maintaining it. A virtual object could be define by its location, shape and functionalities.

###About this project:

This project is a demo server that can receive and parse data from a client device. The data sent to the server should be a QR code containing JSON data. In this example, an android mobile phone is used and it can also collect geolocation data. A simple STOMP protocol has been used over the web socket connection to transfer data. The server parse these data and push it to EvrythngAPI.

The QR code parsing is happening on the server to eventually give more flexibility to devices capturing the data. Otherwise a qr code scanner should be implemented on every device.

###Ideas to explore:

Streaming live data to server
Handling data noise in QR code
Display Virtual object in real time
3D "world map" of virtual objects
Notification when nearby a virtual object
Replace STOMP protocol by binary
3G/4G connections

###Run it

  1. Clone it
  2. Add your API KEY into com.evrythng.demo.util.EvrythngAPI
  3. mvn clean install
  4. Deploy the warfile in target/

###Example QR code for client QRCode example

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