Created: 2014-05-18 20:33
Updated: 2014-05-18 23:14

Maestro v4 Engine

Maestro v4 Engine is currently under constuction. Main idea of this engine is to accumulte all my programming experience:

  • As well as Maestro v1 and v2 it would be object-oriented with Masterclass as core CRUD model and default template as core CRUD view
  • Folder structure would look nicer and was taken from bookster project. All Engine elements would be placed in Engine folder.
  • Special classes would be responsible for SQL queries, allowing them to build in Doctrine2 way making SQL requests more secure and Object-Oriented and standartized. Later on they would be extended for working with PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle.
  • Application tests would be implemented in PhpUnit test style. However, unlike unit-tests they would be run in single file and should run faster
  • jQuery GUI would be implemented allowing to create, delete, edit, sort, surf pages without site reload. Some other nice features like saving via CTRL+S or browsing images via arrow keys would be implemented too.

For detailed description of V1 engine please refer 'engine' repository.

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