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Updated: 2017-04-18 09:20


Express MongoDB Dust.js Seed

How to use Express MongoDB Dust.js seed

Clone the ex_mvc4 repository, run npm install && bower install to grab the dependencies, and grunt to get it running.

Running the app

Runs like a typical express app: node app.js

Running tests

Nothing yet, sorry. Feel free to fork it and add them yourself.

Directory Layout

  controllers/      --> controller files
    home.js         --> main controller
  models/           --> model files
    article.js      --> example model
    home/           --> folder to correspond to controller
      index.dust    --> main page for app
    404.dust        --> error page
    layout.dust     --> main layout which wraps all other views
    navbar.dust     --> bootstrap navbar with dust code for active pages
config/             --> config files
  config.js         --> basic config, environment setup
  express.js        --> Express 4 dependencies and config
  routes.js         --> routes for app, map routes to controllers
public/             --> static files
  components/       --> bower components (after you run `bower install`)
  css/              --> css files
    main.css        --> default stylesheet
  img/              --> image files (favicon)
  js/               --> javascript files

.bowerrc            --> Bower config
.gitignore          --> Git ignore file
.npmignore          --> NPM ignore file
app.js              --> main express app
bower.json          --> Bower dependencies
Gruntfile.js        --> Grunt config for running app with livereload
package.json        --> config and dependencies
Readme.md           --> what you are currently reading


Express check out http://expressjs.com/

Dust check out http://linkedin.github.io/dustjs/

Mongoose check out http://mongoosejs.com



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