Created: 2014-05-18 20:16
Updated: 2018-01-13 17:08


Mi Mercado Libre

Native Android app for those Mercado Libre's buyers/sellers that want to have an extremely personalized experience when searching items in MercadoLibre.

Download it or see some application screenshots directly from the Android Play Store


GitHub version Semver stable

Server: : https://github.com/barriosnahuel/mi-mercado-libre_server

Repo usage

Branching model

Do not clone or push to master branch.

Create branch or fork from develop, then push or create pull requests (if you don't have access) to that branch.

The repo uses this branching model. If you are a command line lover, then you should give a try to Git Flow.

Issues management

Stories ready to be worked on ![Stories in progress](https://badge.waffle.io/barriosnahuel/mi-mercado-libre_android.png?label=in progress&title=In Progress)

Throughput Graph

Generate a new release

  • Update MainKeys.API_HOST constant field.
  • Update ga_trackingId property in app_tracker.xml.
  • Update android.signingConfigs.release properties in build.gradle.

Coming soon!

Receive notifications about new articles that matches with a very specific set of rules like:

  • A new article that is the cheapest article for a specific product. E.g. Ipod nano/touch of 8/16/32gb.
  • A new article which price is lower/higher than the average price.
  • Every new article of that product.
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