Created: 2014-05-18 20:07
Updated: 2018-10-17 07:21
License: apache-2.0


An opengl rendering library with the focus on experimental techniques.


The project or make files can be generated using cmake. The dependencies described below can be automatically downloaded and configured using the CMakeLists in the deps/ folder.


For windows builds you need to copy the dynamic libraries (dll) files of GLFW and GLEW to the same folder as the executable. The GLEW compilation fails on windows at the moment because that project enables extended runtime checks, but than some external references are missing.


The library uses a number of dependencies which can be retrieved by building the CMakeList.txt under deps/. Doxygen is required to build the documentation.

The following libraries are used:

  • GLFW, an opengl window and context creator.
  • glew, an opengl extension loader.
  • glm, a linear algebra library.
  • gli, an opengl image loading library.
  • tinygltfloader, a GL transmission format importer.


  • CMake build system works.
  • Loading shaders and static meshes works.
  • Defining models and materials in code works.
  • Forward rendered shading works.


  • Add a better dependency handling system.
  • Add more advanced rendering techniques.


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