Created: 2014-05-18 19:50
Updated: 2014-05-19 18:24



Spring HATEOAS and Custom Message converters

This project is used to give basic idea of

  1. How to write Spring REST web service.
  2. How to create custom message converters in spring
  3. How to use spring HATEOAS in REST.
  4. JSON/XML conversion of custom objects.
  5. JSON/XML conversion of List
  6. How to avoid default values while serialization in (XML/JSON).
  7. How to use @ControllerAdvice to handle all the exceptions from all the controllers.
  8. How to use @ExceptionHandler to handle exception in controller.
  9. How to handle method not supported exception using (@ExceptionHandler(HttpRequestMethodNotSupportedException.class)).
  10. How to handle custom defined exception from all the controller using (@ControllerAdvice)
  11. How to use @PathVariable in spring REST

Git URL: https://github.com/krishnakumarsamy/Spring.git

Download and the sample project from the above location.

Steps to execute:

  1. Go inside hypermedia folder.
  2. Issue the command mvn package
  3. the war will be created in hypermedia/target folder. Copy it into tomcat.../.../webapps/ folder and start tomcat.
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