Created: 2014-05-18 19:44
Updated: 2014-06-07 23:35



#Description Terminati is a simple tool to ease the manual archival upload process at Brafton. Check out Terminati online

Started 5-18-2014 Completed 5-22-2014

##Purpose Automated content imports may fail for various reasons. Currently, there's no quick process in place to verify Brafton clients successfully receive content. Terminati is the first part of a two step process designed to solve this problem.

##How it works Provided a list of article id's, Terminati cross checks against a given xml archives file to find missing articles.

If a value for Articles/File is provided, Terminati will also chop a large xml file into several smaller files each containing the specified number of articles or less. Alternatively, if a value is not provided or the number of Articles/File is less than the generated file's article count Terminati returns a zip file containing a single xml file.

Before using this service to scan for missing content, you first need to query the client's database and retrieve a list of id's for all successfully imported content.

For any additional questions. Please reach out to techsupport@brafton.com

##Credits: http://davidwalsh.name/create-zip-php


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