Created: 2014-05-18 19:36
Updated: 2018-08-10 02:55
License: mit

KAEC Companion 1.0.0

KAEC Companion is a mobile application developed with the Apache Flex mobile framework. It showcases how to use different web services to obtain information about an specific city (KAEC).

It uses the following APIs and technologies:

  • Foursquare API (JSON)
  • Youtube V3 API (JSON)
  • Flickr API (XML)
  • RSS Feeds (XML)
  • Google Maps (IFrame)

Some of the techniques covered are:

  • Infinite scrolling in lists.
  • Custom ItemRenderer.
  • Passing data between screens.
  • Custom Font.
  • Using StageWebView to load Youtube and Google Maps
  • Multi DPI development.

To compile this application you only require a recent version of the Apache Flex and Adobe AIR SDKs. You will also require to provide your own API keys which can be obtained for free on their respective sites.

Watch on Youtube


You can test this app by downloading it directly from Google Play.


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