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Openscoring application for the OpenShift cloud platform



The Openscoring application embeds a Jetty web server. As such, it is suitable to be deployed as an OpenShift [DIY feature] (

Create the application:

rhc app create <app name> diy-0.1 --from-code

This command may take several minutes to execute, because the Openscoring application is built from scratch.

By default, the DIY cartridge initializes the Git repository with a dummy Ruby application. The option --from-code tells the DIY cartridge to replace that with the contents of the current repository.


The base URL of the application is http://<app name>-<namespace name> The installation can be verified by making a GET request to the model list endpoint at http://<app name>-<namespace name> (e.g. opening this address in a web browser). Upon success, the response should contain a summary of deployed models as a JSON object.

The application implements full [Openscoring REST API] ( The access to HTTP methods PUT and DELETE that deal with model deployment and undeployment, respectively, is only permitted to users with the "admin" role. The Openscoring application grants this role to all users that originate from the local network.

The Openscoring application watches the contents of the auto-deploy directory pmml for changes. A model can be deployed by placing a new PMML file into that directory. Conversely, a model can be undeployed by removing an existing PMML file from that directory. In both cases, the changes must be first committed to the local repository and then pushed to the remote repository.

Deploying a file DecisionTreeIris.pmml:

cp ~/work/DecisionTreeIris.pmml pmml/DecisionTreeIris.pmml
git add pmml/DecisionTreeIris.pmml
git commit -m "Added a model"
git push origin master

The name of the file (without file name extension(s), if any) becomes the model identifier. Hence, the newly deployed model can be reached at http://<app name>-<namespace name>

Undeploying a file DecisionTreeIris.pmml:

git rm pmml/DecisionTreeIris.pmml
git commit -m "Removed a model"
git push origin master


Openscoring is dual-licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0] ( and a commercial license.

Additional information

Please contact [] (

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