Created: 2014-05-18 19:14
Updated: 2018-05-09 14:57

Redis multiplexer

Accepts large number of client connections on the netty4 side.

Funnels (multiplexes) all the commands towards Redis through a small Jedis threadpool.


Makes sense that we handle asynchronously (netty4) the potentially numerous clients.

It's just fine to handle synchronously (Jedis) a small number of persistent connections.

Of course, the blocking code does not block netty event loop. Jedis is always called from a separated thread pool.

Build Instructions

This project makes extensive use of lambdas, so Java 8 is required.

  1. clone Sam Pullara's redis-protocol project (see credits)
  2. mvn -DskipTests install
  3. clone this repo
  4. mvn package
  5. java -jar target/netty4-jedis-proxy-0.0.1.jar -cp target/lib/


  -listenPort (-l) [Integer] Listen port (1234)
  -redisPort (-p) [Integer] Redis server port (6379)
  -redisHost (-h) [String] Redis server host (localhost)
  -jconnectTimeout (-t) [int] jedis connection timeout (2000)
  -jMinIdle (-n) [int] jedis minimum connection idle time (0)
  -jMaxIdle (-m) [int] jedis maximum connection idle time (8)


  • This is still experimental, many commands are supported, but less frequently used commands may not yet be implemented.
  • PubSub: handle with care, it uses one thread for each blocked connection. Redis-side connection is correctly released if client-side connection breaks.


  • Port the rest of the non blocking commands to Jedis
  • Port the rest of the blocking commands to Jedis (BLPOP, BRPOP, ... )


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